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About the Author

Donald William Parrillo

Donald Parrillo was born December 13th, 1930 the second son of William and Josephine Parrillo in Oak Park, Illinois.

Donald's father William Parrillo was the son of Italian immigrants who worked his way through law school and made a fortune defending gangsters, most prominently Al Capone. 

Growing up in the Near West Side (Little Italy) and Oak Park, IL, Donald graduated from Oak Park High School in 1948 and Loyola University in 1952 where he earned a degree in Economics.

"THE CIGAR WANTS TO SEE YOU" that was the message Donnie received from an old-time bookmaker.  "Tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, go and visit your father's grave." 

The cigar asked me for a 'favor.'  He wanted me to become Alderman of the First Ward of the City of Chicago.  

Alderman Donnie Parrillo



 Alderman Donnie Parrillo